Some basic information about Finland and Helsinki

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Finland, Finland, Finland

Unlike advertised, Finland does not have that many lofty mountains, otherwise it does have if not all at least a lot: Forests, lakes, Nokia, disproportionate amount of heavy metal fans, good schools, people with heavy right foot and internationally acclaimed SF writers. Located in Northern Europe, between Sweden and Russia, bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and Gulf of Finland, Finland has been an independent country since 1917. Post war era has seen a rapid change from an agricultural society to a modern urban nation investing heavily in services, high-tech industries and research. For more information about Finland check Virtual Finland website.


Finland's capital Helsinki has about 560 000 inhabitants. Known poetically as the White Daughter of the Baltic, the city boasts a small but beautiful neo-classical center, and a lot of Art Noveau buildings. The best reason to visit is of course that wonderful spectacle Finncon/Animecon but it has also other things to recommend itself. Our fair city is, among other things, romantic, culinary and hypnotic! More information about Helsinki can be found at Helsinki's Tourist Bureau's site.

Facts and figures about Finland

Size: With about 338 000 square kilometers, Finland is a bit smaller than Montana
Population: 5,3 million
Capital City: Helsinki
People: Finns, minorities of Swedes, Sami, Roma
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, (English spoken widely)
Currency: Euro
Warmest month: August, average temperature + 17,3°C
Coldest month: January, average temperature - 5,7°C
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