The traditional science-fictional/fantastic FINNCON MASQUERADE will be organized on Saturday starting at 19.00 in Turbiinisali where the contestants will present their costumes to the judges and to the audience. After that the contestants are taken to the Kaapeli party where the winners are rewarded!

The playful competition is open for anyone, regardless of the style or the quality of the costume. Group costumes are welcome, too. Because of the age limit of the party at Kaapeli, the age limit for the masquerade is 18 years.

For those willing to take part, please contact Karo Leikomaa (kleikomaa[at] by July 7th 2009. Please include the following information when singing up: you name, the name of the costume/character and where it is originally from, the phone number you can be reached from (in case we need to contact you) and the names of other people taking part in the costume, if there are any.

The judges of the masquerade are carefully picked and will be announced right before the masquerade begins!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Karo Leikomaa, kleikomaa[at]!